Greenville SC

Asian Delight (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: Su-Th 10:30A-10P, F-Sa 10:30A-11P

Location: 215 Pelham Rd. #B211


Menu items consumed: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried Rice, Egg Roll

Okay, I know what you’re thinking on the name: what is this, a massage parlor with services for which you can pay extra? No, that it is not (and thanks for taking all of our minds there now, perv). What it is at first sight/feel is another generic fast-food-styled hibachi/Chinese menu-toting quick stop. Like Kyoto Express or Joy of Tokyo before it, the clear targeted market at which is aimed is the on-the-go, no-need-to-dine-in crowd. While the inside of the building is clean and pleasant enough it is also silent save for the sizzling of foods being grilled and spatulas banging and scratching pans and grills. There are also all of 5 tables in the entire building totaling a seating capacity of what is approximately 25...yeah, nothing like the warm and fuzzy "Come on in!" vibe, aye?

The food here? It’s just about as quick as you would expect, taking around 10 minutes or less for my to-go order to be ready this day. However the customer service level is also something that, unfortunately, is par-for-the-course when it comes to most of these type joints. I asked the lady taking my order behind the counter for a suggestion; in return she tried to fight through the lack of understanding each of us had of each other by telling me to get the sesame chicken, which if you have the best sesame chicken in the world that’s great, but it’s also as generic as it comes (part of me thought she suggested this because she thought it was a safe bet, NOT because she thought it was their best item).

When I opened my container and took a bite (once in my car) 2 things came to mind as I almost wrecked and died: (1) that was a surprisingly decent suggestion seeing as how this is some of the best sesame chicken I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a bit of it) and (2) they should be required to put a caution sign/warning of some sort on the inside of the box if the food the box contains will literally burn your tongue even after having said-container open and trying to eat it for 10 minutes. Just in case you didn’t read that carefully I burned my tongue...not once...not twice...but THREE TIMES in trying to eat it. I mixed some of the friend rice, which had a good texture but also a flavor that was bland at best, to cool it. After mixing rice and chicken thoroughly together and taking another bite I burned my tongue…again. I don’t know how this was possible and how one could possibly get chicken so hot but, trust me, they did (Congratulations, your food is so hot that it requires a disclaimer, no sort of which you gave me…thanks again). However, and again I type, the chicken was completely and utterly ridiculously delicious (ummm...yeah, I think that was a sufficient number of adjectives). The Egg Roll with which they serve the meal (about which I didn’t know and was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see) was a real deal, rotundly fat, freshly fried, fresh ingredient-filled delicious roll (Yes, please, may I have another?). All of this was true of my experience as well as the fact that it all took less than 10 minutes (and therefore the report on it is relatively short, too).

All-in-all the result of the service was that I did get my food (even if no service personality or connection came with it), the setting was one that was unwelcoming of anyone who might want to dine-in, but the food told me I need to keep going back as long as I get the right item (a.k.a. guaranteed I can’t go wrong with the Sesame Chicken…as long as I have 30 minutes to let it set before I eat it).

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