Greenville SC

Fusion Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Th 11:30A-2:30P, 4:30P-10P, F 11:30A-2:30P, 4:30P-10:30P, Sa 11:30A-10:30P, Su 11:30A-9:30P

Location: 16 Park Woodruff Dr.


Menu items consumed: sushi rolls (California, Crunch)

Another Japanese restaurant? Another creepy golden cat statue on the lobby desk? Another spectacular experience (per the youj, read: sarcasm)? Yep, Fusion had it all. First this restaurant is right off Woodruff Road – on the side that requires those entering from 385 to take a left into the parking lot (talk about a nightmare that’ll anger you before you even step foot, or car, onto the premises). When I finally was able to get into the parking lot I noticed it was me, the 2 cars of friends I were meeting, and one other vehicle that I could see. As one of my friends that was at lunch with us later notated, his wife always said it’s a bad (and/or scary) sign if there’s no one in the parking lot and they’re open – it was to the point that there were no more than 3 tables (including ours) sat the entire hour-plus we were there (it made me wonder, why even open for lunch?).

When we first sat the server was relatively quick to come to the table but once he found we were waiting for a friend we could no longer find our server anywhere, even when we wanted to order before our friend’s arrival. When we did finally get to order my other 2 cohorts ordered the Hibachi Lunch with Chicken while I got 2 sushi rolls. Now I understand it’s lunchtime and some people have to get back to work but if we order together is there some of kind of silent clue in such order-timing about which I’m unaware that might indicate it’s okay if the server brings the hibachi lunches first? WITHOUT the sushi rolls for me?!?! It’s okay, guy, I’ll just sit over here by myself…with nothing to eat…and only my friends at whom to stare…not awkward…AT ALL! The hibachi lunch already came with soup AND salad that was delivered (as appetizer-like foods, which I totally get that part) but on TOP of that ya gave ‘em their lunch before ANYTHING got in front of me? Mis. Take. Yeah, that’s cool, I’ll just wilt away over here in the corner, no worries, guy. On the plus my drink never went empty, but he wouldn’t have been so challenged in keeping pace with my water consumption and having to refill my cup several times if I had some food in front of me to occupy myself. A few MINUTES (not seconds, for the love of all that is holy...MINUTES!!!) after my 2 friends had finished their soup AND salad AND received their entrée…and ONLY then…did I have some food in front of me. I got 2 different sushi rolls, neither of which were bad but neither of which were anything special. I may have gotten a 3rd roll but didn’t really want to spend $15 (and that would be a rather conservative estimate) on sushi for lunch. I’m glad I only went with 2 rolls because they were like something I could have gotten from a local grocery store…maybe these actually weren’t quite that good.

With the service being impersonal and the food being sub-par the setting was clean and decent BUT I was in a Japanese restaurant listening to classic rock that included Tom Petty. Does anyone remember when Tom Petty became Japanese? No? Me, neither. Even if they would’ve played some tracks (since they apparently already were on the 80s theme with Tom) from The Karate Kid it would have more sense (seeing as how the Itame, or sushi chef, looked JUST like Mr. Miyagi). However instead this also was not the case, rather the music just seeming completely out-of-place and like they wanted to commit to being authentic Japanese cuisine without going all-in with the atmosphere. Come on, guys, be sure of your convictions and if you’re going to have a theme go balls deep.

All-in-all this can be summed-up rather succinctly: a Fusion of a Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar and Americanized dining…that didn’t work, wasn’t great, and doesn’t bear a repeat visit.

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