Greenville SC

Northwest Grill (Travelers Rest)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-F 11A-8P, Sa 7A-8P, Su 11A-2:30P

Location: 13045 White Horse Rd.


Menu items consumed: Northwest Cheeseburger (with tomato, onions, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, mustard), Fresh Cut Fries, Slaw

This is another restaurant that I called to get my order to go. The girl who answered the phone seemed like what you would expect from a smaller café/diner restaurant like this. She wasn’t rude but was rather straight-to-the-point (the no-frills type service, as if she didn't talk much more because she lacked the confidence/conversational skill to do so). I asked her what the best thing they had was and she said the burgers. I said I’d take one, to which she asked how I wanted it (to eat, but of course). I said I would take it however was best; she said it really depends on what I like…yeah, I got that.

When I got to Northwest Grill it definitely looked like a smaller, old Travelers Rest type spot: there were all of about nine parking spots available for customers, only one of which was remaining for me (so sweet of them to save it for me, too). When I walked into the building it all immediately felt cramped and like an old-school small-town diner does…ya know, without the charm but WITH the extra dirtiness. The cook, who could have been the owner (seemed like a friendly guy…I think) said hello while I was standing at the counter…but he also had a Bluetooth in his ear so I was unsure as to whether or not a friend called him via telefóno (that's your lesson en Español for the day) or this dude was saying hello to me…needless to say I, in my gracefully socially awkward kind of way, ignored him completely and kept standing there (probably thinks I’m one of those pompous city-folk…perhaps he wouldn't be all wrong).

The girl who attended to me at the counter while I was getting my food looked as professional as could be: complete with nose ring and lack of smile (a.k.a. not professional in any sense of the word). I arrived about 10 minutes after my quoted pick-up time (my bad) but much to my pleasure the food was ready and, when I got it back into my car, was still hot. When I opened it what I saw immediately scared me: the appearance of THIS coleslaw (think of the dramatized scenes from sitcoms and family movies where the elementary youngster sees the lunch lady remove the silver pan lid from the lunch of the day: YESTERDAY’S MEAT LOAF!!! Yeah, one of those moments…). I had every right to be scared, though. I was tempted, after taking just one bite (and even after my second), to pour the Slaw onto my burger since it tasted like straight mayonnaise anyway (kind of had the same consistency, too) – no worries, I DIDN'T DO IT! My burger, however, was fantastically delicious. When entering my calories into the app on my phone (as I do with everything I consume) I simply logged a Burger King Whopper with Cheese because this tasted JUST like that…minus the same excessive level of grease intake. I also ordered fries, something I thought was a mistake when I arrived at the restaurant after seeing how incredible the onion rings looked (a.k.a. homemade and freaking delicious); however when I took a bite of the fries I was blown away by how awesome they were. Anytime I go to Five Guys Burgers & Fries (shout-out to WIFEY on that one! And you know why, boo) I think of a fresh, juicy, topped-with-amazing-accoutrements burger. However, as amazing as that is, their fries are what truly set them apart from other places such as Cookout (for goodness sake, they list from where the FRESHLY PREPPED POTATOES are…yeah, pride that shows). Guess what…the fries at Northwest Grill were better. Yeah, that’s right – better than Five Guys.

While Northwest Grill boasts they are the “Home of the #1 Burger in Greenville County” as voted by…someone…somewhere, and they are a nice choice for a greasy-spoon type joint if you’re in the TR area (far enough into TR that you might as well be in Marietta…because I believe you can spit into it from here), Northwest Grill is also far enough out for most not to really care to trek for many places. Granted, I live too far to consistently go this far Northwest to get another burger (even if it is super good) from any Grill, the fries should make us all reconsider that type of thinking and actually go her (actually, how about we all chip-in for gas and just have 1 person make a run for all of us? Come on, I mean we will take turns each run we make) at least occasionally to remember what real fries are supposed to be and how much we can all enjoy them.

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