Greenville SC


By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Su 5:15A-2P

Location: 3216 W. Blue Ridge Dr.


Menu items consumed: French Toast, Home Fries, Grits, Coffee

Another small-town country feel (it reminds me of my childhood as it is a converted Cici’s Pizza building that is still very much laid-out the same), this restaurant atmosphere is nothing about which to brag while also not anything offensive. The home fries, however, ARE something about which they should brag FAR more, reminding people of how GREAT they are (I went to breakfast here with my father, a partner-in-crime in many of my restaurant visits, and when I asked the server if she would suggest the grits or home fries she responded, “well, I don’t like grits…” rather than just flatly telling me, “DEFINITELY the home fries…they’ll smack you in the face with deliciousness!”). As seems to be the case with many country-style diners with Southern breakfast the amount of food you get for the price is pretty awesome. My dad got 2 eggs, a sausage patty, bacon strip, country ham, a HUGE biscuit (it looked TOO good so I, of course, HAD to steal a bite...that was delicious, by the way!) for around $6.50! I can only imagine if this establishment was located closer to downtown Greenville we might have paid closer to $10 for the exact same meal. The service was friendly and had the southern charm expected from such a restaurant and the coffee was AWESOME (at 1 point I did assumed the server was trying to test my hand-balancing skills seeing as how I would take 2 sips of coffee and she will fill my cup again while I was holding the cup…it was impressive and almost as if she was playing a game with me – and she won). My grits were VERY bland until I added some butter and salt at the table, at which point that got exponentially tastier. The French Toast was 4 slices worth, only 1 of which I ate, and none of which I enjoyed. The true test of how good French Toast is is how little I need to do to it to make it delicious once the plate hits the table (a.k.a. if I need to add syrup, powdered sugar, butter, or any other accouterments that they didn’t see fit to add themselves, an epic fail is set to occur). This French toast failed that taste...miserably. Kim's Cafe is one of the places of which you wouldn’t speak badly but also wouldn’t think of first to suggest to someone.

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