Greenville SC

TR's Oriental (Travelers Rest...yeah, that TR)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: Tu-Su 11A-10P

Location: 331 S. Main St.


Menu items consumed: Teriyaki Chicken, Fried Rice

Have you ever had Chinese or Oriental food? Congratulations…you’ve been to TR’s Oriental. As Travelers Rest is where I attended high school (and have a fond remembrance for it) I also remember something else quite vividly: if a restaurant has been in the area since the mid 2000’s, you probably want to steer clear as you can SURELY find some better places to eat. Oriental has the feel of old TR, that feeling that something might jump from the kitchen and bite you, that your bedroom as a high schooler is cleaner than the kitchen here, the feeling that the quality of the food couldn’t be worse if it was fresh from a soup kitchen’s alley dumpster…ah, the charm of old TR. While Oriental never got me sick, my friends with whom I attended could unfortunately not report the same. The food just had that level of greasiness to it that if you aren’t used to it you will be feeling it for quite some time (and if you ARE used to it you will STILL feel it…just not for quite as long). The fried rice is better if found in the freezer section of your friendly neighborhood grocery store and, while the Teriyaki Chicken is decently tasty, it again makes you regret eating it by day’s end. The service was mediocre and, while it wasn’t offensive, it wasn’t the friendliest in the world, either. Needless to say there are now FAR better places to eat in Travelers Rest (and more to come in the next months and year!) and better Chinese/Oriental joints a few miles away in other towns. Don’t waste the visit here.

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