Greenville SC

Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse (Travelers Rest)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Su 8A-4P

Location: 2 S. Main St.


Menu items consumed: Roasted Turkey Crepe, Cappuccino

In writing a review of a restaurant it borderline depresses me when I have to waste my time and effort to visit a joint that is garbage, son…garbage. It is those establishments of which I still want to share of the experience so as to help others avoid the same pitfalls into which I fell, the pitfalls of horrible restaurant times. Tandem Creperie? The type of joint that makes all of these visits worth it and reminds me why I embarked on this journey in the first place: to find diamonds in the rough, restaurants of which I otherwise would have no idea existed but now know how simply incredible it is. The interior has a super-cool modern-industrial vibe (as more and more establishments in the up-and-coming downtown TR area seem to have). The lady behind the counter who helped us with our order was VERY friendly and just truly pleasant while also being super helpful. The staff as a whole seemed to be loving what they were doing, a fact to not go unnoticed since so many humans in the customer-service industry seem to not give a crap about such minute and mundane (see sarcasm) details.

Places like Tandem excite in reminding people of just how creative they can be with food while also simultaneously depressing to know how boring and mundane we so often are with it. Firstly my father ordered a Southwest Crepe, something that lacked the traditional sweetness so many crepes possess (are expected to) yet something refreshingly creative and enjoyed quite a bit by the consumer (again, Father). This visit was around Thanksgiving and the crepe I enjoyed was one that definitely seemed like a seasonal choice…and INCREDIBLE! A Roasted Turkey Crepe? The cranberry chutney on top, the legitimate roasted turkey inside of it: this was simply one of the best items I have ever eaten…like, ever…as in, during the duration of my life…ever. Couple that with how great the Cappuccino was (despite being a little small) and the FANTASTIC modern-industrial setting and presentation, Tandem is a MUST HAVE joint (especially breakfast) for any who enjoy the aforementioned delicacies of life.

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