Greenville SC

Farmhouse Tacos (Travelers Rest)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: Tu-Sa 11A-9P, Su 11A-4P

Location: 164 S. Main St.


Menu items consumed: all of these are tacos – Crab Cake W/Fried Green Tomatoes, Chile Rubbed Tuna, Fried Avacado, Roasted Portabella, Farmhouse Buttermilk Fried Chicken

The vibe is super cool: the wood-top bar with turquoise metal stools and aluminum bar kick plate, the glass garage doors that cover nearly an entire exterior wall, the concrete floors…it’s all good and my kind of feel. However, can a brotha get some organization from the host?! She was working VERY hard, don’t get me wrong, BUT…”what’s the name?” is my ONLY GREETING FROM YOU?!?! Uh, no thanks. No “hello.” No “welcome to Farmhouse Tacos.” Not even a “how many?” No, just a “what’s the name?” Ugh.

Once we were sat we were pretty quickly greeted with a consistent-with-the-host-interaction: “what can I get you to drink?” This place had only been opened for a few weeks so I still expect some of the newly-opened-jitters as far as service and our server showed little-to-no menu knowledge to match such an expectation…BUT STILL!!! We received our chips and salsa and while, mind you, this joint is all about freshness (their slogan, in giant letters on the home page of their website, is “Hand Crafted. Locally Sourced. Made with Love.”), the salsa was some of the freshest and sweetest I’ve ever had (reminding me ever-so-slightly of Paul Newman’s pineapple salsa as far as the sweetness was concerned) and the chips tasted and felt like they were in-house-made, too (this at least according to my lunch-date, my sweet wifey). The tacos themselves? HOLY CRAP! Fresh and delicious like you wouldn’t believe with an assortment of creative and craveable options. I, as I usually do, out-ordered my wife…TO DEATH (granted, I would be disappointed in myself if this WEREN’T the case considering I do my due diligence of studying the menu and often making my selections prior to visiting the restaurants we visit). My tacos (the tuna, portabella, and chicken), with the exception of the good-but-not-great portabella, were simply INCREDIBLE! The corn tortillas my wife reminded me to request made a difference (in a good way) and my wife’s 2 tacos (crab cake, Fried Avacado) were good, too... but my tuna was absolutely amazing (I ordered a taco and received a 5-star-dinner-quality lunch!)! And the fried chicken? I literally cannot express how *bleeping* good it was! Wow!!!

The service, again, lacked anything memorable and bordered on lazy/passive but the atmosphere (which needed some music of which you could hear, more than just the muffle in the background that it was, to drown the noise of the conversation-GALORE around in this warehouse-like acoustic setting) was cool and the food WELL-WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE! Head to the Farmhouse as soon as you can to experience the fresh, homegrown Tacos you won't experience anywhere else!

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