Greenville SC

Dave's of Berea Restaurant (Berea, again...and, again, surprise!)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of operation: M-F 10:30A-7P

Location: 716 Sulphur Springs Rd.


Menu items consumed: Fried Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, Butter Beans, Decaf Coffee

I do not remember what I ate…yeah, it made that much of an impression. I know I had something Southern (HA!). But really, I did take the server’s suggestion and had the Dried Chicken, uh, FRIED Chicken. If I was looking for a heavy dose of cotton-mouth this would have been the perfect entree choice for me. I also ordered the Macaroni & Cheese as it both looked pretty good and also is generally a safe bet on deliciousness in these types of establishments. I would say I could have bet the house on it…in which case I would currently be homeless. The Macaroni tasted like metal, a metallic taste I assume was from the pan in which they were stored but, regardless, a flavor that only allowed me to have 2 bites and quit on trying to make it through it. This is another 1 of those good ol’ boy country joints that SEEMED like a good idea but something that I never need to try again. The service was friendly enough but the atmosphere was nothing memorable, special, or even noteworthy. The food, however, is a great way to remind me to not return. Thanks, Dave, for not doing better...come on, man!

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