Greenville SC

Cositas Ricas Colombian Food (Berea)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Sa 7A-9P, Su 8A-9P

Location: 1601 Cedar Lane Rd., Greenville


Menu items consumed: Pan Con Queso, Pasteles Gloria, Pastel de Guayava (Chicharrones), Café Colombiano

If you want authentic, this is SURELY it! My wife works with a lot of Hispanic ladies at her place of business and any time they bake or make her something it is like Christmas comes early! Want to talk about that feeling available to you ALL YEAR ‘ROUND?! When my wife and I visited Cositas Ricas we did not know what to expect as it not in the nicest part of town. When we arrived it seemed like a cute little quaint bakery. The 2 ladies that were working were SUPER sweet.

The language barrier was quite the challenge (it got to the point that when we inquired about a bakery item my wife handed the employee her phone for the lady to type it so we could Google what it was, which actually worked pretty effectively…thank the good Lord above for technology! After all, if it weren't for such technology the 3 people who know about this website wouldn't be able to read it...THANKS AGAIN, MOM, DAD, AND 1 OF MY BROTHERS!). However the food was INCREDIBLE! The Pastales Gloria was okay-to-good and the Pastel de Guayava the same, but the second loaf of Pan Con Queso we went back to the counter to purchase to take home was an indicator of just how good it was. None of this is to mention I felt like we stole something with how much baked-good action we got for less than $14!!

The richness and deliciousness found in this café was just an added bonus! Nothing could come close to that coffee and what was the best bread I may have ever had! My wife has previously told me [often] how good Colombian coffee is and, of course, I hear others say the same, but this junk tasted like they just harvested and ground the beans themselves immediately before pouring mine it was so fresh tasting. Coffee that is that rich and aromatic should be considered a dessert!

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