Greenville SC

Crazy 8 Restaurant (Greer)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: Tu-Th 11A-7P, F-Sa 11A-9P

Location: 217 W. Wade Hampton Blvd.


Menu items consumed: #21 Combo Pick 2 (Shrimp, Scallops) with FF, O-Rings, Slaw, Hush Puppies, Diet Coke

Online this is listed as a “Lebanese Restaurant,” per the restaurant’s Facebook page. On the restaurant’s sign it states “New England Seafood.” When you enter it feels more like Harbor Inn. The location is at the end of a small strip of shops and has limited-to-no curb appeal.

The lady who helped me was kind enough. I asked her what was best on the menu and she quickly gave me a couple options from which to choose. I was a in little bit of a rush so I got it to-go. There was only 1 other person sat (and I later discovered he was an employee). My food was ready in about seven minutes, a pretty quick and efficient time if you ask me. The man who handed me my food was very friendly and personable and very kind in what-seemed-to-be a fashion of gratitude for my visiting (this is something that is far too often overlooked as so many places seem to take for granted that you chose their establishment over the billion that are around them but this man did not reflect that pompous attitude at all, rather seemingly hoping that I would be back very, very soon…if my visit was based solely on friendly service I would be; unfortunately for him and Crazy 8, the food is kind of important).

I began to eat in the car on the way home…after I almost popped an aneurism getting the difficult-as-solving-a-Rubik’s-cube packaging open. Once I eventually ripped through the paper like the 1970s Bruce Banner-turned Hulk through a t-shirt I got to the food. Generally I’m pretty clear on what I want and what I order. I don’t think I’m mistaken but I ordered shrimp and scallops…but received fish with my scallops instead. The scallops were decent, especially for fried ones. The fish was…well, fried fish. As far as fried fish goes it was okay but I’m not a huge fan in general…hence why I ordered the shrimp I didn’t receive. The proteins came with shoestring fries (ridiculously overly-Old Bay-seasoned), thinly cut and breaded onion rings (salty), hush puppies (with corn in them and CRAZY delicious…but I’ll get back to that), and coleslaw (unique, not as sweet as I expected, containing GREAT cabbage, but far over-peppered). Now the hush puppies were AWESOME and it’s understood they give 4 sides with the fish and scallops but couldn’t they cut back on the obscene amount of fries and o-rings and afford to give more than 4 pupps?! Unfortunately the hush puppies were easily the best item on the pate, the smallest portioned one, and about the only item not excessively and offensively over-salted. Honestly if someone only takes a sip of the can of Diet Coke ordered when someone needed to combat the potency of the saltiness and yet the can of said-Coke is empty with more than half the food remaining, isn’t that a poor reflection? Allow me to answer that for you, with grave confidence and great fervor: YES. The food, even with all its pitfalls, still cost more than FIFTEEN DOLLARS! No offense to either party in this statement, but when Harbor Inn is a preferred alternative there’s an issue (and a rather large one at that). Sorry, and call me Crazy, but $8 may be too much to ask for “New England Seafood” that makes me happier and happier that I live in South Carolina.

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