Greenville SC

A & P Restaurant (Greer)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Sa 7A-9P

Location: 1526 SC-14, Greer


Menu items consumed: Big Egg Sandwich, Grits, Decaf Coffee

This “good ol’ boy” diner is some of the charm I love about Greer. The appeal Greer has to me is the feeling of a small town that is close enough to larger places (such as downtown Greenville) that the best of both worlds can be enjoyed. A & P SCREAMS that small town feel. The friendly Southern staff makes this feel like a real small-town joint. The décor is nothing about which to write home and it definitely has a generic diner feel to the surround. As the food is concerned, the breakfast I purchased was also nothing special. The Big Egg Sandwich was just that…a big egg sandwich. I will say, as someone who before this restaurant journey tried (and still does as much as possible) to eat healthy I generally do not have much white bread but the GREAT white bread on which this sandwich was was easily the best part of it. The grits were okay and the coffee was pretty good but all-in-all this was certainly a mediocre diner experience. Besides the friendly I will say the best part of the experience was the price…it was STUPID cheap (yet another Greer appeal). While it is nothing for which to go out-of-the-way you can be rest assured this will be true: if you're looking you can surely find Average food & good People at A & P.

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