Greenville SC

Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Th 11A-10P, F-Sa 11A-11P, Su 12P-10P

Location: 3620 Pelham Rd. #4


Menu items consumed: Lobster Roll, Fries, Slaw

Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar…what a freakin’ name! Anytime I hear something like “shucking” I think the amount of potential there is with the slogan and how they could use it...

This is one of those places that wasn’t on my list nor did it show in any search I performed on the interweb. However upon driving from work to my church community group I discovered this building existed. I quickly and sharply turned across traffic, dangerously (to the point that I almost died) into the parking lot (WELL worth it all!). When I went into this place I fully intended on getting it to-go seeing as how I needed to get it quickly with my community group awaiting my arrival (I like to make it sound like I was important enough for all of them to wait for me…I’m not…and they wouldn’t).

I sat at the bar-top, which may have been the only seating in the place but I can’t even recall if there were tables in there. The bartender quickly moved from the drunk across the bar who was trying to keep her attention, all the while she couldn’t care less, as she came to me rather promptly (as soon as that boringly mind-numbing conversation allowed) and checked on what I needed. I asked her a few questions to which she was very helpful, telling me what both matched my timing needs as well as my taste preferences (thanks for lookin' out!). After suggesting a few items but also giving me the backing as to why she would suggest them (specifics on what was good for what types of likes, such as them having really good oysters….if you like oysters) she suggested I get the lobster roll…sold!

I love lobster and even if something has lobster in the name and you can’t find the lobster anywhere or discover later it’s Chinese-buffet-like fake lobster I’m pretty okay with it. However the lobster I received on this roll was either amazing imitation lobster or they actually went all-out and put lobster in/on it. I have had lobster rolls before but they’ve always been more traditional in my sight as far as actually being on some type of Kaiser roll or something like it. This was actually on a buttery hot dog bun…yeah, as the website describes, with a “Carolina twist!” INDEED! The bun seemed to have that extra buttery flavor to it and because of it a delicious and welcomed refreshing twist on a classic. I also, but of course, had coleslaw. As far as coleslaws go, this was pretty solid. It had large pieces of cabbage and some of it which indicated to me that it was pretty genuine, but also clearly had a lot of sugar added to it as it was had the as-sweet-as-KFC’s-slaw taste (the Southern standard for sweet coleslaw). I had to eat somewhat quickly in my car and after realizing I ordered a lobster roll to go (like a genius) I decided to just eat in my parking spot…classy, I know. I ate it all in about 2.3 minutes flat…yeah. It was all super delicious! It also came with fries, which were a bit salty and nothing about which to write home but also didn’t have a bad flavor at all.

This also seems like a really cool joint at which to hang at the bar for a little bit, a bar that was a wrap-around where you have plenty of space and seemed to have friendly faces (it appeared as if 2 fellas were having a football conversion, about which they really didn’t have any knowledge but after a few beers they thought they were Mel Kiper, Jr. and Todd McShay, respectively (though to Mel and Todd this couldn't be more disrespectful seeing as how these 2 drunks were baffoons...sorry to all involved in this analogy)…at least they had that in common. The vibe was really cool, laid-back, but also not a trashy, beachy-vibe joint just so happening to have genuine-but-cheaply-done seafood. Seeing as how it was any oyster bar I was really trying to get myself to get the oysters but I still don’t know how I feel about them. However whether they have good oysters at Shuckin’ or not they definitely have a good lobster roll and a great vibe with some pretty good and attentive service from what I experienced. Give them a try. What the Shuck do you have to lose?

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