Greenville SC

Chopsticks (Berea)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Sa 11A-10P

Location: 6243 White Horse Rd. #G


Menu Item Consumed: House Lo Mein

So this day I was feverishly trying to get closer to accomplishing this epic goal of consuming food from every restaurant in the radius. In doing so I pressed myself by being able to try 4 establishments before 2:15 PM (yeah, 4, from 8AM-2:15PM…AWESOME!)…yeah, a fatty AND obsessed. The fourth of these restaurants was Chopsticks, a Chinese restaurant I knew existed before visiting but hadn’t tried and decided to do so when I did since I was passing it anyway (location, location, location).

When I went into this place it smelled like Chinese food and the menu on the wall was the exact duplicate found in any generic Chinese establishment, featuring all the same generic pictures on the same generic plates all of the generic Chinese food joints have…yeah, generic. I ordered the food at the counter and was told, “10 minutes.” That quote was close to accurate though actually the food was ready a couple quicker than that. I thought it was pretty warm in the small, tighter-by-the-moment feeling building. It felt as if they had turned the heat to 90 degrees despite the outside temp being a mild-ish 53. I went to the restroom while waiting for the food’s readiness and, lucky me, found myself directly under the heating vent in the restroom. I literally began to sweat. When I exited the restroom the entire restaurant felt hotter, too, and while I sat at a table waiting for my food I thought to myself that perhaps this is what sweatshops feel like.

I cannot really speak of the service here because when I type the term "service" here I mean I mean I went to the counter and a lady with a pen and pad asked what she could get me, took my card to pay, and told me the aforementioned “10 minutes” quote. The atmosphere? There was one table sat in the building and this table consisted of people who seemed to know the lady behind the counter (given the conversation they were holding). There was no service with a smile, no personality to the building or lady behind the counter, and nothing to give me fond memories of my brief time inside the establishment. As far as the food is concerned, the lo mein that I ordered tasted like…Chinese food. This is to say that there was absolutely nothing unique about it. I generally love a good house lo mein (the best of all lo mein worlds) but this lacked any kind of quality, lacking flavor and reminding me of why some people complain that all Chinese food tastes alike. Between the lack of flavor in the lo mein and the lack of comfort felt in the building (between the temperature and lack of friendliness) this surely is not a place I need to revisit and not one I would suggest you try either. In fact, grab your chopsticks and head elsewhere (before you start to sweat)…QUICKLY!

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