Greenville SC

Palmetto Fine Foods (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Sa 10A-10P

Location: 1209 Laurens Rd.


Menu item consumed: Nicks Burger

So I walk into the restaurant around 10:30 in the morning and believe to have walked into 1974. While comments like that may seem like a knock this very much is not. There’s the hometown feel complete with country music on the radio overhead, a wall with the South Carolina state flag palmetto tree painted on it, old diner tile on the floor (beige, clean, and in good repair), and handwritten chalkboard menus hanging above the counters…this is my kind of joint! I like a lot of these places that have what I call “The Clock” feel but this one is actually nice and clean appearing and can put you at ease sitting in the old-school plastic covered wood benches.

Upon entering as one of the only three non-employees in the building (granted, it was early in the day), one of which was an applicant, I asked the gentleman who helped me (after I waited just a minute at the counter unattended to) and he had some good suggestions on the food and, believe me, he knew what he was saying! I received my order as quickly as you would expect a truly made-to-order-burger could be delivered. When I opened my to-go container I thought they accidentally put two sandwiches in it it was so big! The bread was buttery and the melted cheese and hand-formed patty met like a perfect marriage of a grilled cheese and hamburger. The lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and bacon made it like a conglomeration of all great sandwiches, leaving your fingers as greasy as your soul feels at the end of it. After eating half of this behemoth I felt like I was about full already, meaning the $7.55 it cost was well worth each of the 755 pennies it cost. From a place like this, a diner that has the completely genuine Southern feel and hole-in-the-wall appearance (to a certain extent), what I ordered was exactly what I would expect and just as good as anyone could ask.

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