Greenville SC

Boston Pizzeria (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Th 11A-9P, F-Sa 11A-10P

Location: 1262 Woodruff Rd.


Menu items consumed: Our Classic White with grilled chicken, Cannoli

How super cool can you get? I’m coming to this pizzeria that, at first internal glance, looks a little rundown and oldish. However, upon second looking at this gem I see homemade decorations on the wall, a glass case that, while small, displays the delicious homemade desserts available, and staff that laughs with you and jokes as if you’re already family. The cheesy commercials you see from giant chain restaurants that promise “you’re always family here” and slogans of the like actually comes to life at Boston Pizzeria. While I did not partake of my food in the dining room (rather opting to have it to go) I was quickly overwhelmed by how friendly the service was. When I asked for what was the best slice of pizza I was given three different suggestions: 1 from the kind (but self-identified “new at this” girl who was a recent-hire and still learning), 1 from the girl who popped from behind the counter like a jack-in-the-box that surprises the child every time he/she winds the box, and 1 lady (who appeared to be the owner) from the kitchen. The mother-daughter combo (again, only an educated guess of mine that, knowing me, is spot on, but of course) began disagreeing what was the best but the passion the daughter had (probably 18 years old and ne’er more excited about anything in life than this slice of pizza, an opinion she’d seemed to be withholding her entire existence only for this ONE MOMENT where a customer wanted to know her feelings on the subject) won my ordering-heart. I had one comment to make to them after this and prior to ordering: “If only you gave me options.”

After the mom and daughter finished debating the validity of their pizza preferences I was able to make my decision: I like the passion of the teenager, so I’m going to like the pizza, too; she WAS NOT wrong. The pizza packed some awesome flavor and tasted super fresh with flavors of parm, awesome pizza dough, and grilled chicken that was top notch.

When you come here there’s plenty of variety on the menu but personality displayed far outweighs the benefits of the menu. It’s a pizzeria, so why wouldn’t you order pizza? However if you’re not a big pizza fan still accompany a family member or friend and find something you want (if there’s nothing you want, you’re probably a picky eater who doesn’t know what’s good, a small child, or both); and if this report on the restaurant sounds a bit cliché it’s because this down-home feel that you get from the staff is something like a scene from “Hart of Dixie” (a Netflix favorite of my wife, one I mock for being hokey). However life emulates “art” (one could VERY loosely define the show as art, but I digress). To hear how the Boston Pizzeria staff welcomed everyone like family and friends in action and voice tone it makes me forget how quickly-huge Greenville is getting and simply takes me back to the time of the small town. Just in time.

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