Greenville SC

Celebrity’s Hot Dogs & Burgers of Berea (Berea…duh)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M 11:30A-7P, Tu-Th 11A-8P, F-Sa 11A-9P

Location: 121 Hunts Bridge Rd., Greenville


Menu items consumed: Southwest Dog, Onion Rings, Diet Coke

Holy crap…confession time: I LOVE HOT DOGS! I love to be creative in the making of them (when I say I, I mean I love to eat creative hot dogs that mainly my wife makes based off recipes she works hard to find…it’s all the same, right?). While at home we have some KA-RAY-ZEE hot dogs (as an example, my favorite is topped with sauteed-then-chilled shrimp, guacamole, sriracha mayonnaise, and seaweed…YUP!). I also like to see how creative (or boring) restaurants get with their hot dog offerings and, equally-to-more importantly, how they execute them.

Celebrity’s is one of those places that has that cool smaller-town feel. When walking into the restaurant it quickly becomes apparent that it is clearly an old Subway (it still has the yellow wooden “booths” that make your butt hurt by the end of your visit…that’s one way to turn tables, right?). You look at the walls and it has memorabilia from local schools, mainly sports-related…again, small town, AWESOME FEEL! As for the food…it was SWEET (as in cool, not like they add a bunch of random sugar into their crap). The Southwest Dog I had involved a little extra bit of bite to it (it had jalapenos, bacon, and everything that is delicious on it). I like spice but within the capacity of enhancing flavors, NOT lighting my mouth ablaze – this spice was borderline, but acceptable enough to still enjoy. The hot dog was good but the homemade onion rings were OFF THE CHIZAIN! They were made fresh-to-order, but not the fresh-to-order like the previous Subway that inhabited this building (the “fresh” meat that had been sliced and refrigerated for days and the mayonnaise that is WAY too warm). The coolness in the simplicity of watching them bread the onion rings and drop them in the deep fryer right in front of you tells you it is truly authentic onion ring-action and also speaks to the pride they are taking in making what you are consuming.

Hot dogs are cheap. It is not hard to boil them if you want a plain-ol’ wiener from home. If you want a deliciously and delicately done culinary treat (as much as you can get from what feels like 8 billion calories of deliciousness) check Celebrity’s for some good hometown dog-gin’!

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