Greenville SC

Liberty Cafe (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Th 10:30A-3A, F 10:30A-5A, Sa 12P-5A, Su 12P-2A

Location: 33 Liberty Ln.


Menu items consumed: Falafel w/Tzatziki Sauce, 1/3 lb. Cheeseburger with Cole Slaw, Philly Chicken Sub, Home Fries, Water

I like diners. If you like food and you don’t like diners you are probably pompous and still have terrible taste (no offense, right?). Diners seemingly find a way to get the best tasting food into your mouth for the lowest possible price. Liberty Café fits this bill, you ask? But of course it does! There is something that is both underwhelming and dumbly charming in having your plate be the cheap tan-ish cafeteria color and your glasses being the same cheap, low quality/grade found in the same spot. However the food makes all of this insignificant. I dined with my wife and 3 children and the service was, well…pretty awkward. The poor kid seemed like a middle school boy who was trying to have a conversation with the girl he wanted to ask to the dance but, ya know, he’s an awkward middle school boy who sucks with people. Not the best quality for a server, you would say? Yeah, in such a statement you would also be correct. However this didn’t even matter (it essentially added to the weirdness/charm).

When our Falafel came it was pretty tasty (again, the food on the brown plates earned circa zero points for presentation, but the quality could not be ignored). The Tzatziki Sauce was pretty darn good. I tried both my wife’s Philly Chicken Sub (not too shabby, ESPECIALLY for a diner like this) that she actually enjoyed (and she is FROM Philly…yeah, she’s one of those snobs). I also nibbled on my kiddos’ fries and they were also quite tasty. The coleslaw (and I love to order coleslaw at restaurants) that was the accompanying side was a mayonnaisee (definition: overly done with mayonnaise) and had an overpowering and unnecessary relish flavor. Now then, for the main event, the coming attraction…MY BURGER!!! This was 1 of the 2 suggestions the server gave me and MAN was he RIGHT ON! I am already quite the fan of burgers in general but especially diner burgers. This one was FANTASTIC beef, fresh tasting everything (though I did add ketchup that wasn’t included on it, despite trying to avoid additions to menu items I order from restaurants on The List), and included a bun that was some of the best bread away from a bakery I have possible ever had! The only knock I could foresee is I did not receive the coffee I ordered (a fact that was unbeknownst to be until I asked my wife 4 hours after we left the restaurant, when I finally realized I never received it, if I actually ordered it…AAANNDD it appears as if I did…ya know, just never having received it...but I digress...finally). I would say if you are EVER looking for a great dining EXPERIENCE you aren’t looking to frequent a diner at all. However if you are looking for some pretty good food with a wide menu selection and the cool-ish hole-in-the-wall feel (though, again, what decent diner doesn’t have that?), you are at Liberty to try this Cafe as it checks all those boxes!

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