Greenville SC

Armando's Burrito's Express (Taylors)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Tu 10A-4P, Th 10A-4P, F-Sa 10A-9P, Su 10A-6P

Location: 206 A Pine Knoll Dr.


Menu items consumed: Water, Big Quesadilla with Steak and Chicken (served with rice, beans, and guacamole salad on the side), Giant Burrito stuffed with refried beans, rice, guacamole (ordered on the side), sour cream, cheese, lettuce, beef, served with chips on the side

389 days since my last review...WHOOPS! With last summer throwing my routine (darn those kids and the family time the summer implicates) and...ya know, the other weak excuses I have for not posting...wait, who cares?!?! Thanks to GVLToday posting about our website and an interested reader (and passionate fan of Armando's) messaging me mere hours after the website shout-out you have yourselves another entry into this ever-growing database for the Greater Greenville shall we partake?

I went to Armando's Burrito's (the sign indicates the second apostrophe present there...confusing for us all, I know) with my daughter for lunch today and I must say that upon entering it has a cool local feel: floors like a 'round-the-corner diner, 1 front-of-house employee (Armando, Jr., as I was to later discover), and only 1 other person I saw working in the building during our less-than-hour there, it is quaint to say the least. Upon entering my daughter and I were directed to grab any of the 8 or so tables in the building we so desired (granted 2 were taken...details details details). The server/host/presumed-heir-to-the-Armando's-Burrito's-Empire quickly took our drink orders (my daughter and I went crazy and all-out and ordered agua...TAP agua at that). While we perused the menu my daughter quickly made the decision to get the Giant Burrito while I, per the usual, asked our server what he would suggest; he began to lead me down the path of bull crappery with the round-about 'depends what ya like'-type routine...hey, guy, I didn't ask what I like, I inquired what you (the guy who works here and will one day own this whole shebang) would suggest - I ended-up with the quesadillas (glad it was ME that ordered them because he would have had trouble gumming the food to death after I essentially had to pull his teeth to get a suggestion). We ordered our food and he meandered about the establishment while our food was cooked.

While my daughter and I sat waiting for our food engaging each other while also ignoring one another (she's 15 years old and we both have phones...what else is one to expect of a daddy-daughter lunch-date in the year 2018?) we began to consume the sights-and-sounds. The decor (colorful walls, tin roof overhanging the kitchen window, Mexican flags and vibrant colors) began to truly set the mood of what we were to experience, with the feeling being further hammered-home with the perfectly volumed Hispanic music heard overhead; this was all part of some awesomely authentic charm. My daughter next noticed on our table the presence of a ketchup squeeze bottle...OR WAS IT?! Nay, this red juice-barrel-beverage-looking mother-truckerthat actually housed salt (glad we caught that before usage...WHEH); this, mixed with the 3 Windex bottles (you may swallow some chemical for lunch but at least the windows are clean, aye?) hanging on the trash can between the 2 "vending" areas (aka gumball machines filled with random goodies), informed me that this could very well be a hit or miss when it came to the cuisinal (enjoy that made-up word - you're welcome reader/English language) experience.

The food was not as quick as some Mexican restaurants (the same establishments that make you feel they just microwaved the plates to the point that you lose flesh if you accidentally so-much-as look at them, yet the food is somehow cool enough to eat immediately) but it didn't take very long, either. When it arrived I began eating my quesadilla first, something that was delicious and clearly homemade. Before I began to consume the rest of my meal my kind daughter (knowing I planned to review this restaurant and therefore already knowing I would request a bite) offered me a nibble of her burrito...COME ON, A.J. (if that is what Armando, Jr. is called..and if not, you're welcome, Age)...that was SUPA delicious and what you SHOULD have suggested!!! What she had was likely the best burrito I have had in my 30-year existence on this earth (no hyperbole here, playas). With both of us having guac served on the side I quickly tried mine after the burrito and quesadilla taste-test and LOVED what I tasted; the further the eating experience progressed, the more I felt everything consumed in this place (aside from the store-bought, generic nacho-cheese-style tortilla chip served on the side[s]) was homemade. The guac had a heavier cilantro flavor than many do but rather than be an herb of overpowering it just added to the freshness (heavier than most doesn't mean too much, mind you). My food also came with rice and beans and, granted that it could have been the fact I haven't had Mexican restaurant food in a long time, still, it was some of the best rice and beans I have had in a long time, too! Along with forgetting how good beans and rice can be at these hole-in-the-wall type establishments (or many Mexican joints, for that matter) I also forgot the unique full feeling of post-Mexican, the one that reintroduces your stomach to a new brand of 'I'm about to pop' emotion that is lost if you eat other's awesome! Regardless of such shirt-button-popping fullness with all the fresh flavors and homemade quality of almost everything that so much as approached our table, this was a homerun.

We were in-and-out within an hour (even counting the time we sat at the table waiting for our check to be delivered...because, lo and behold, you just go to the counter and pay; oops, hello again to the ugly rearing of the head of awkwardness that is my plight of inter-human reaction...all my life). When I went to the counter and paid with AJ he even asked me how the quesadilla was (for the record I am quite pleasant to restaurant staffers when I interact...meaning I didn't blast him for allowing me to get lesser food than my daughter...I let it slide, AJ, I let it slide), showing he was both caring and attentive enough to recall he made the suggestion as well as following-up to ensure I enjoyed it...nicely played, Age.

All in all I want to thank the local reader who suggested this joint, GVLToday for inspiring me to get back to this favorite past-time of writing details of the shoving of my face, and Armando for giving me a great meal as this place is a diamond in the rough that you should discover for yourself (and remember you did because 1 visit shan't be enough).

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