Greenville SC

Corporate Deli (Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Sa 10A-9P, Su 12P-7P

Location: 700 Haywood Rd.


Menu items consumed: Reuben, Sweet Potato Fries

Another joint about which I couldn’t write quickly enough (and is now in the process of relocating…at least it isn’t closed, right?), Corporate Deli is on the move! However when I visited them they were still located at their original (since 1998) spot on Pelham Road (from where my visit and the above picture were), but alas, things do so consistently change and you can find Corporate Deli inside the Haywood Mall as of June, 2017. The atmosphere now will surely be like that of anything else in the mall: too mall-ly (new adjective invented as of, er…NOW – define: made to feel like all else that is in the mall, lacking distinguishing features or attached emotions to it – “mall-ly”).

When I visited this joint on Pelham Road it was the generic deli feel: nice, relatively quiet, decent meats/overall food, and prices that always feel a bit high for what is received in return. When my wife and I went here for lunch together we were given what we needed but little-to-no personality was shared in the interactions we had with the staff. Our visit did come prior to my obsession with asking employees for menu suggestions so instead I went with my instincts and ordered the Reuben. The sandwich was good with high-quality rye bread and meat that tasted freshly sliced (which it BETTER had considering I felt the time I waited would have allowed them to catch and butcher the cow, all while I waited, to allow for a fresh sandwich…take your time here, guys, I don’t have anywhere else to be – ya know, like TRYING TO LIVE MY LIFE OUTSIDE OF THESE FOUR WALLS!!!). I was a bit disappointed with the lack of options when it came to the sides, though, as you might see the listed ones on the web-sizzle are only French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries; if you’re going to call yourselves a deli there should most certainly be some better options available in the way of sides, such as homemade potato salad (what I would consider a deli STAPLE…which, fun fact, is pronounced “stah-PLAY” in French…sure). The Sweet Potato Fries that I did have were pretty good but, and again, are not my first (or fourth) choice when I am deli-hopping.

The service was pretty friendly with someone who, when the food was ready, delivered our lunch to the table with a smile and offered to get anything else we needed. While the human who took our order at the counter initially seemed less than overly knowledgeable she was also kind to us and gave us no reason to be unhappy with our service. Bonus.

The atmosphere here will be something new to all once the finality of relocating is felt but, again, this isn’t the most creative menu and, hopefully, in changing locations they might also take the opportunity to change menu side options (PLEASE add some depth, people). However as long as they DON’T change the cuisine quality or friendly service and both are intact this is a joint to which is worth taking your Corporate buds and enjoying a quality Deli experience.

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