Greenville SC

Antonio Bertolo's Pizza & Wine Bar (Downtown Greenville)

By: Where?...Never Heard of It...Guy


Hours of Operation: M-Th 10:30A-10P, F 10:30-12A, Sa 11A-12A, Su 11:30A-10P

Location: 200 N. Main St., Suite 103


Menu items consumed: Pepperoni Pizza, Supreme Pizza, Coke

Ah, yes: the fun memories of losing my class ring because I took it off my hand in the men’s restroom in this very building so I could wash my hands…and left said ring on the sink. Thankfully, though I was stupid enough to do that, I wasn’t stupid enough to leave the building without going back and checking the restroom for the aforementioned ring left behind. Sadly enough that is the fondest memory, as at least most vivid one, I have of Bertolo’s. (For the record it has been over a decade since I have been here...a.k.a. don't judge me for being one of those jokers living in the past and still wearing my high school ring WAY after the socially acceptable window...GOSH, GET OFF MY BACK!!!) The pizza was good, it appeared to be a pretty decent place to match the pizza with a good beer, and the service wasn’t rude but there wasn’t much else to really describe. The brick surround is somewhat charming if cliché of such an establishment. Bertolo’s is conveniently located on Main Street in Downtown G-Vegas so if you’re looking for a pizza joint while you’re also walking around the beauty that is there this is definitely a great option. However now that Downtown has also become the go-to-place for most cool restaurants, some of which are very reasonably priced, Bertolo’s has undeniably lost some of its luster. I kept it plain and simple with my Pepperoni Pizza order when I visited, only stealing a bite of one of my parent’s Supreme piece, and as far as the pizza goes the crust was soft and delicate, the cheese tasting not overwhelming, and the pepperoni itself left enough grease on the pizza to remind one of what one would eat without reminding one of the same pain 3 days later (a.k.a. it was the right amount of grease rather than the cafeteria ka-rap you might receive from your lunch line at the very high school that gorgeously worn-for-all-of-6-months class ring was). If you want decently good pizza while you’re in Downtown Greenville this is not a bad option but there are also plenty other places that offer something similar in different areas of town that it is not necessary to make a special trip here for it. Thanks anyway, Bertolo.

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